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Advances in Creative Forces® Clinical Research and Applications of the Creative Arts Therapies for Treating PTSD and TBI in Military-Connected Populations


Compelling preliminary evidence put forth by Creative Forces research supports use of the creative arts therapies in promoting rehabilitation and recovery for military and veteran populations exposed to trauma. To date, the 19 studies published by Creative Forces Network-affiliated researchers provide preliminary support for using creative arts therapies.

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Together, the findings justify continued growth of the program so that the nation’s military personnel, and families and caregivers, receive greater access to these therapies, as informed by best practices. This article was published on the Creative Forces National Resource Center on July 15, 2020 and updated on December 22, 2020. Individual sections on: I. Creative Arts Therapies PTSD and TBI Research, II. Creative Forces Clinical Research, III. Arts Therapy, IV. Music Therapy, V. Telehealth, and VI. Conclusion can be found under Insights.

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