Accessibility Statement
Creative Director, Flannel & Blade

Sarah Westlake serves as the Creative Director for Flannel & Blade and is part of the Creative Forces®: National Endowment for the Arts’ Military Healing Arts Network National Resource Center and Capacity Team. Westlake was the Editorial Director of ArtPlace America from 2017 to 2020. As Editorial Director, she was responsible for narrative change around the field of creative placemaking through elevating community experiences and stories and sharing how communities can be equitable and healthy. She has worked and volunteered in the “communications for good” field her entire career including advancing messaging around patient advocacy, labor organizing, and reproductive rights. She is a cultural producer and a network weaver who uses creativity to frame, reframe, and join the dots. As the volunteer Communications Director at SURJ NYC (Showing up for Racial Justice), she created the website and social media presence, and advised on messaging and press and has trained hundreds of volunteers to work in multiracial activism communications. She is also the Co-Founder of ‘Elderqueer,’ a gathering space for queer elders and and a Co-Founder of the artist giving circle Vital Little Plans.


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