Creative Forces operates in both clinical and community settings, providing various avenues for military-connected people and their families and caregivers to advance their health and well-being through the arts.

Through the Clinical Program, creative arts therapies are offered in healthcare settings to help patients achieve their treatment goals.

The Community Engagement Program expands our reach, supporting non-clinical arts activities that promote health and well-being for participants in a variety of settings.

A white man with short blonde hair wearing an Army uniform is seated and playing guitar. There is a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair playing a red guitar seated next to him while looking at him and smiling.

Clinical Program

The Creative Forces Clinical Program brings creative arts therapies to military patients and veterans who are receiving care at Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs facilities across the nation.
Side profile of a white man wearing protective gloves using tools to hold a glass-blown object. A glass-blowing studio is in the background.

Community Engagement Program

The Creative Forces Community Engagement Program supports community-based programs and activities that enable military-connected people to experience and create art.
Image looking up of a group of people with their arms extended and hands clenched in a fist. Their arms are the focus of the image. Overhead is a ceiling with lighting tresses.


Across our programs, Creative Forces invests in research and evaluation to understand the impacts and benefits of creative arts therapies and community engagement opportunities for military-connected people.

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