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Explore the National Resource Center to access the tools needed to enhance the lives of service members, veterans, their families, and caregivers through the arts.

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The impact of healing through the arts is measurable and momentous. The Creative Forces network is committed to improving the well-being of service members, veterans, and their families through creativity and community.

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Clinical sites have provided 53,000 creative arts therapy encounters to more than 10,000 patients
Community Connection projects provided over 200 multidisciplinary arts experiences for 1055 participants between 2018-2019
creative arts therapists funded by NEA, DoD and VA as of July 2020


The impacts of the healing arts are highly personal. The benefits of building community and expressing creativity are seen every day in the improved well-being of our participants. Read the National Endowment for the Arts’ collection of Veterans’ Voices stories. 

When I take ukulele and guitar lessons with the Creative Forces Veterans Workshops I feel like I'm doing something important. I know that it's improving the connection between my mind and body. I know that it's improving my spirit and my mood. And while it has always increased my sense of community, it does so now more than ever."

- D.G., veteran, U.S. Army

I used music to bypass the injured sections of my brain and to stimulate other pathways in my healing process.”

- Michael Schneider

Art and music are very soothing activities which keep our minds and hands busy, thus relieving some tension and allowing us to open up to some other topics.”

- Marcie McCammond

Music provides a buffer zone where I can feel more comfortable sharing things with others that are difficult to discuss in conversation.”

- Anthony Mannino