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II. Creative Forces Clinical Research

Section 2 of Advances in Creative Forces® Clinical Research and Applications of the Creative Arts Therapies for Treating PTSD and TBI in Military-Connected Populations by Dr. Donna Betts.  Image of Creative Forces Dance Movement Conceptual Framework brainstorming (2019) courtesy of Donna Betts.

Creative Forces Clinical Research

In recognition of the benefits of the creative arts therapies, the Creative Forces clinical research program was launched with art therapy and expanded to include music therapy and plans to expand the dance/movement therapy program are presently underway. The promising empirical platform for the use of creative arts therapies across the Creative Forces Network so far includes 19 scholarly papers by clinicians in collaboration with academic partners. This research informs the present review. All 19 papers describe the work of Creative Forces creative arts therapists with military service members and/or veterans presenting with psychological health conditions, primarily PTSD and/or TBI.

The clinical research summarized in this article focuses on how interventions attributable to the work of Creative Forces creative arts therapists, patients, their families and cross-disciplinary colleagues promote rehabilitation and recovery across four domains: (1) psychological/behavioral, (2) neurological/cognitive, (3) rehabilitative (physiological, physical, functional, and/or occupational), and (4) social/relational. The 19 scholarly papers include 11 art therapy studies (one of which examines the use of therapeutic writing), seven music therapy papers, and one multi-disciplinary article (telehealth applications of art therapy, dance/movement therapy, and music therapy).

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For more information on Creative Forces clinical research visit the Clinical Research Findings page and the National Resource Center Creative Forces Clinical Research Resources Collection.


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