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V. Creative Forces Telehealth Program

Section 5 of Advances in Creative Forces® Clinical Research and Applications of the Creative Arts Therapies for Treating PTSD and TBI in Military-Connected Populations by Dr. Donna Betts.  Photo of marbled music created at the Creative Arts Therapists All-Hands (2019) courtesy of Donna Betts.

Creative Forces Telehealth Program

Another promising area in the Creative Forces program is telehealth delivery of creative arts therapies, as illustrated through two recent publications. Spooner et al. (2019) underscored the need for adequate training of practitioners and development of comfort and confidence in adapting their practices to distance delivery. Through three case studies of veterans who received art therapy, dance/movement therapy, or music therapy via in-home, synchronous clinical video telehealth through a VA medical center in the southeastern United States, the authors reported inherent therapeutic gains, challenges, and opportunities. Further research could elucidate the benefits of creative arts therapy telehealth services and explore the comparative and relative effectiveness of remote versus in person interventions on outcomes of interest. In a paper by Vaudreuil et al. (2020), three music therapy telehealth programs are described, reflecting participants’ positive experiences with music therapy and community music engagement through telehealth, and elucidating knowledge gaps. One case example illustrates the Creative Forces program in collaboration with the University of Florida, the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SG VHS), and the Rural Veterans Tele-Rehabilitation Initiative (RVTRI), an enterprise-wide initiative funded by the Veterans Administration Office of Rural Health. Distance delivery of music through online platforms is found to support participants on a clinic to community continuum.

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